About Us

It has taken us ten years and many ups and many many downs, so much learning along the way as we learn to love ourselves


Welcome to Believe 🌙 Be ♡ Be You!

We have been creating intuitive activities for many years now. We found with the tools that we have on the website, that we have greater clarity and love not just for ourselves but for others. And we are here to share, grow, love, laugh, cry and get angry together.

We swear, we eat chocolate, drink cocktails and have copious amounts of fun along the way.We are both Mum’s who second guess what we are doing (teenagers are just amazing aren’t they), try to find time in our day for ourselves (most of the time we can do this…. even if it is a simple 5 min cuppa 😉 ).

We both began this journey in a small country town in rural QLD called Stanthorpe, and whilst life has moved and shaken us (onto different places we thought) we are still creating and finding new, fun and exciting ways to help us and you to connect in and live a more divine soul led life. From creating women circles, to sharing others abilities in mini workshops, to supporting the community in drought sstriken times – we are still going, creating and experienceing.

So come along for the ride and join us as we continue our journey in BELIEVEing, LOVEing and more of ourselves (the YOU!).